Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?

Yes, please contact Don Lebrun. (

Can Contech provide prototype parts for new components?

Yes, prototypes are available upon request.

If we purchase a molding tool do we own it?

Yes, you own the tooling. Contech will issue a customer owned asset and perform all preventive maintenance on the tool for the customer.

If I purchase coil dispenser tooling is this considered my property?

No, these tools are proprietary to our manufacturing procedure.

Does Contech provide CAD drawings for the dispenser coils?

No, Contech does not provide CAD drawings of dispenser coils. Drawings are not required to manufacture dispenser coils.

Does Contech manufacture coil dispensers in different colors?

Yes, Contech Medical does manufacture coil dispensers in many different colors.

Does Contech provide any other products and services besides dispenser coils?

Yes, Contech is a full service contract manufacturer.