Local Touch

At Contech, we value personal customer service. We guarantee that when you call, a real person answers – and not just anyone. Members of our executive team are on hand, ready to take your calls, to find solutions for your needs.

We take our client’s needs very seriously. Our “same day inquiry response” policy is upheld whenever possible and our engineers and production lines stand ready to help tackle a wide range of requests.

Global Reach

Our network of suppliers, engineering experts, and manufacturing partners span nearly every time zone giving us the power and capability to dive into even the most custom of projects.

Our experience in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution encompasses multiple continents and some of the largest medical device companies in the world. We understand that logistics, customs, tariffs, and regulations are of vital importance while designing and overseeing projects.

No matter the size of company- startup or established- we provide the same unmatched quality and attentive service to all of our valued customers.

Real Value

Our engineers’ experience developing proprietary machinery and custom processes for a range of clients is exceptional. We value innovation as a way to consistently provide our clients with products and services for every custom need.

We’re proud of our ISO class 8 clean rooms and ISO 13485:2016 certification and relentlessly work to maintain these standards. Our quality management system and attention to detail results in top quality- no matter the timeline or project size.

At Contech, we offer fair, competitive pricing, alongside fast and reliable service.